How to choose Sake online

For those of you that follow this blog closely you have probably noticed that I am not just writing about the culinary side of Japan to share my experiences. I also share my knowledge. On- and offline and plan on bringing more and more Japanese culinary delights to Europe for you.

Tonbo-Sake online now

As such opened its doors a little while ago. Currently stocked with this wonderful ambrosia called sake it will continue to grow as a source for culinary highlights from Japan.

When it comes to sake, there is no such thing as the one right way to choose. Neither with the sake you find at nor with any other sake shop. The categories in the shop are a good start as well as the individual descriptions. But let’s be honest – however good they might be after you have read the third or fourth the amount of information that sticks gets less and less.

How to choose sake

In order to make it easier to decide for your next sake, I created this Tonbo-Sake-Flow-Chart. Take it as a start to give you an idea. A heads-up to help you in your decision making process.

There are a lot of things worth knowing about sake. Things that will help you understand sake, choose sake and value sake. Going forward I will share more of my love for sake with you and will be posting more about sake so that you can gradually learn as you read this blog, should you decide to follow me, which would be a great pleasure. Drop me a line if there is a topic that you really want to know more about.

Kampai – Have a good weekend!