So far I have moved more than ten times. Small ones with just a few boxes and a van to the other side of town as well as big ones to the other side of the world – and back. But even though I have quite a record, I am far from having a routine. Which currently puts me in the middle of our own moving chaos.

Every morning I find myself mucking out old stuff and packing box after box. Here and there dwelling on rising memories, finding long lost items and trying not to go mad over a workload that seems greater than Mount Fuji. Given that all this is happening while my youngest one is taking her morning nap I don’t have a lot of time to linger about. Once she is awake my productivity is going down to zero and shortly afterwards I have to pick up the other two from school, being forced to swap moving chaos with the playground.

As you can imagine, writing is something that I don’t quite manage to squeeze into this schedule. So I apologize for only posting irregularly until we have arrived in our new life and until I can start again to cover culinary Japan on a weekly basis.